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mework | Solutions are catered specifically for your needs. We work together with the brightest minds and form dynamic teams to adress your core challenges.

We help you improve.

Our work does not finish with problem solving, we analyze paths to growth, expansion and new horizons with our consultants for you.

Cost-effective and efficient.

We do all of this cheaper and faster than other outsourced consulting companies.

Melih Boyacı, Project Specialist

Impact HUB İstanbul

"Mework ekibi çalışma isteği, detaycılığı ve değişimlere adapte olabilme kapasitesiyle çalışmalarımızı kolaylaştırdı"

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Fill our form to inquire about a Solution or from our website directly choose a solution category.

We get in contact with you via email to learn and understand your needs thoroughly. 

We choose one of our dynamic mework consulting teams for you and set you up for a kick-off online meeting

Our consultants work with you during the one-month process to analyze your problems and provide you an indepth solution in the form of a mework Report and a Solution Presentation

our project deliverables

At the end of one month, we will provide you with the mework solution report which includes the documentation of the whole analysis period, how we determined and approached the problem that you are facing, which solutions we came up with, concluding with further remarks and recommendations for your business.

mework solution report


Along with the detailed report of our solutions and problem analysis, you will receive a summarized version of this report in the form of an executive presentation. Our aim is to represent the core points of our findings and recommendations while also supporting you with the necessary material for your future businesses and meetings.

mework solution presentation

Your timeline

Your team is assigned

Project Start

Due Diligence

Problem Analysis

Selection of Recommendation

First Contact

Kick-off meeting

1st week

2nd week

3rd week

4th week

project delivery and solution presentation meeting

Salih G.
XVET Germany

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