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Project lead

Our teams are led by unique professionals with passionate capabilities to respond the needs of your businesses. Combining their education with a strong experience in business world, they work with their teams to provide a comprehensive and thorough analysis regarding specified business problems.

Your role

mework welcomes all applicants for open positions in our teams. Those who are qualified to work with our project managers will coordinate during the specified period of time assigned for the project to come up with the most innovative ideas and detailed analysis businesses challenges

How you connect

Depending on the needs of businesses, mework assigns the project with the most suitable team, matching the requirements of the workload. Once assigned, the selected team works with the lead of the project lead until the submission of deliverables at the end of one month.


Team Lead


Corporate Strategy

Organizational Transformation


Team Lead

Who are we looking for



3rd or 4th year undergraduate student in either Faculty of Business Administration, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences or other related fields OR Bachelors degree or equivalent qualification

Experience Job/Internship experience

in consulting, business strategy, human resources or a related field

Soft Skills

  • Well command of written and verbal communication skills

  • Strong analytical, interpretive and problem-solving skills

  • Multi-tasking abilities

  • Team player

  • Desire and passion to influence change

Hard Skills

Professional-level English language capability

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